About TaraLee

Hey Hey!

My names Tara. You may know me from my youtube channel where I formulate unique recipes and show how to make them step by step. If you aren't familiar with my channel go check it out. I am self taught. I am not a chemist and everything on my channel is for entertainment and informational purposes and should not be regarded as fact. 

I also post regularly on my instagram. So don't forget to follow me there for updates. @TaraLeeSkincare.

I don't sell all the products I make on my youtube channel, but I might do periodic limited addition product drops of some of the items I make on there.

I also have a patreon where I share 2 exclusive videos every month and post blog versions of the recipes I share on my youtube channel. You can also message me on patreon anytime with formulating questions. 

I've been formulating skin care products for almost 10 years. From 2016 to 2023 I was selling skincare products, but I decided to quite manufacturing product because of health reasons and I was receiving far to many orders to keep up with. I don't want to hire employees, so I have decided to restructured my business to be something I can keep up with all on my own with out having to hire employees.   

Instead, now you can purchase the formulas of the products I used to sell so you can still enjoy them. I will also do periodic limited addition product drops that will be announced on my youtube channel and Instagram.