Do you sell bulk/private label?

No, this program has been discontinued. Instead, you can now purchase formulas of the items I used to sell in bulk & private label.


Do you ship Internationally?

No. I only ship within the United States and Canada. 


Are your products handmade?

Yes, all the products I sell in my shop are handmade from my workshop.


Are your products Vegan?



Are your products Cruelty Free?



Are your products Natural?

Unfortunately there is no legal definition for "natural" when it comes to skin care products in the United States.

In the US our cosmetics are regulated by the FDA and the FDA has no legal definition for "natural" when it comes to cosmetics.

Natural is a greenwashing term that brands us for marketing and any company can technically call their products "natural" since there is no legal definition for it.

It's hard to say if my products are natural since there is no legal definition for the word. If we were to go by what the majority of people consider to be "natural" then my products would be considered 99% natural.


Do your products contain preservatives?

Yes, preservatives are a must to keep your products from growing mold, yeast, and bacteria. Even if there is no visible mold, your product could still contain bacteria that could harm your skin. Where there is water, there is life and products that contain water or may come into contact with water must have a preservative. Other brands making preservative free claims may be misinformed about the preservative method they are using or their products are likely to spoil quickly since they aren't preserved.


Where are your products made?

Ohio. United States.